Apple: Now in HDTV?
Is Apple getting ready to release HDTV models? Think about the possibilities – whether or not you like Apple in general, imagine the possibilities of a television manufacturer with the kind of media connections that Apple has.

Many people are talking about the idea of a “Smart TV” being released before 2011 ends. Many theorize –possibly rightly so- that they will integrate whatever HDTV with their current multimedia setup and computers.

Possible Problems
While integrating iTunes as well as other software from Apple into an HD TV seems like a good idea, there is one massive hurdle in the way – a television, by far, is not the only thing that in a multimedia center. There are video game consoles and sound systems that are compatible to be sure, but for the most part, Apple appears to be targeting the high end market, which is already saturated with a ton of competition. Is there really more room there?

Think about how Apple retail stores are setup – they’re usually very small, very compact stores. Televisions require a lot of space to show off. This may require a lot of restructuring on Apple’s part and could further increase the price of their “Smart TV”.

Televisions Versus Apple’s Other Offerings
Is Apple getting ready to release HDTV models? They’ll have to consider the fact that they need to beat out a lot of history and competition – enough that it actually seems fairly impossible for them to go for the top of the heap from the very start.

The thing with this is that televisions don’t get upgraded nearly as much as say, an iPad or an iPhone. Phones and their other devices get modified, upgraded and replaced every year or so. Televisions tend to stick around for years and years and a product that doesn’t constantly get remade and resold is something that Apple doesn’t seem to be familiar with.

Fortunately, even if the HDTV actually does get released it might be to get their other devices in. A high definition television that is compatible with many of your other devices, such as your iPad or iMac? That kind of synergy can be extremely appealing to the average consumer and can allow Apple to start seriously fighting for shares against Windows powered personal computers and devices.

In the end, while there are signs that the release of an HDTV offering from Apple will occur before the end of the year, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen quite so soon.


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